Traffic Control

Summit Traffic Control Plan [Spanish] [Vietnamese]

School Entry

  • Summitt Elementary is a locked campus, and all exterior doors are locked during the day. The exception is the front school doors which will be unlocked from 7:10 – 7:45 am. The doors will be locked at 7:45 am. At this time, any visitor remaining in the school will be required to come to office to get a badge. Morning announcement will occur to remind everyone at this time to obtain a badge.
  • We want parents to continue to have the opportunity to wait with their children and walk their child to their classroom. Please remember as your child becomes older it is important for them to begin to learn to become independent by learning to do things for themselves such as going to class, unpacking their own backpack and turning in their papers.
  • Staff will be in the office at 7:45 am to issue tardy slips to students and will give the student white index cards for parents to sign if their child is tardy. If a student shows up to their class without a slip, they will be sent to the office to obtain a slip.
  • Anyone waiting to enter the school building after 7:45 am will need to ring the door bell at the front doors. The office staff will be able to see the person(s) on the school camera. They will buzz in the person to enter to come to the office to obtain a visitor badge.
  • The commons doors which are the interior double doors to the first grade area, second grade area and the third grade area will remain unlocked until 8 AM to accommodate students coming in tardy. After that time, an office staff will escort students to class or the classroom teacher will be called in order for students to be able to enter their commons area. This includes the annex building for our fourth and fifth grade students and our portable building classrooms.
  • Parents who need to pick up their child(ren)early, will need to have a badge and a slip in order to get that student from cafeteria, outside, etc. or the student will be called to come to the office.
  • Lunch – Parents that choose to eat in the courtyard will be locked out. Therefore, if another parent is inside and sees that a parent WITH A BADGE is knocking for access back into the building, they may open the door. We want to encourage Summitt community support. If the person does not have a badge, please have them go to the office.
  • Pre-K teachers will begin to bring all of their class to the library in the afternoon to pick up their student in the afternoons until further notice.
  • The afternoon pick up is specific to your child, so if you have questions please touch base with the front office.
  • There will not be anyone to open the front door with the buzzer after 4:00 pm. Extend-A-Care will have their own door bell/parent system to enter the building.
  • Please remember that only staff with proper badges will be allowed to enter the building through locked doors with instructions to not allow anyone to follow.